Four Causes of 토토베팅사이트 Mental Clutter

“It’s not a daily increase, but a daily

decrease. Hack away at the inessentials.”

? Bruce Lee

Before we dive into the various exercises to eliminate

your negative thinking, it’s important to first

understand why you have these thoughts. So, in this

section, we’ll go over four causes of mental clutter.

Cause #1: Daily Stress 먹튀검증

An excessive amount of stress is the primary reason

many people feel overwhelmed by life. In fact, the

stress created by information overload, physical

clutter, and the endless choices required from these

things can trigger an array of mental health issues like

generalized anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

Couple this stress with the legitimate worries and

concerns in your life, and you may find yourself with

sleep problems, muscle pain, headaches, chest pain,

frequent infections, and stomach and intestinal

disorders, according to the American Psychological

Association (not to mention dozens of studies

supporting the connection between stress and physical


Dan Harris, ABC News anchor and author of the book

10% Happier, didn’t acknowledge how the stress of

mental overload was impacting him until he had a full

blown panic attack on national television.

His demanding and competitive job (which took him to

the front lines of Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, and

Iraq) had left him depressed and anxious. He self

medicated his internal pain with recreational drugs,

triggering the on-air attack.

After a meeting with his doctor, Dan had a wake-up

call about his mental state. He says in a post on the

ABC website, “As I sat there in his office, the sheer

enormity of my mindlessness started to sink in?from

hurtling headlong into war zones without considering

the psychological consequences, to using drugs for a

synthetic squirt of replacement adrenaline. It was as if

I had been sleepwalking through a cascade of moronic


Dan’s “moronic behavior” was simply a human

reaction to everything that was happening in his head.

When life becomes so intense and complicated, our

psyches search out escape ramps. Too much input, too

much negative exposure, and too many choices can

trigger a not-so-healthy coping response.


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