The 먹튀검증사이트 Importance of Self-Belief

I remember once up in Washington State, Leo-tai

and I were hiking along part of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Leo-tai loved the beauty of those mountains. There we

met a strange guy, possibly a young hermit, who bent

our ears with wild-eyed warnings of aliens and UFO’s all

around the local wilderness after dark 먹튀.

That night at camp, after joking and laughing about

the guy’s spooky alien stories, Leo-tai and I sensed the

presence of . . . someone. We both stood up at the same

moment and looked out into the dark. All around us at

the edge of the darkness were many pairs of unblinking,

yellowish eyes. I couldn’t figure out what sort of

creatures those eyes belonged to, but they were all

around us in the dark, reflected by the light of our dying

fire. I’m not going to lie: I felt a little nervous as I

counted seven separate pairs of eyes.

Leo-tai was very calm, but I immediately started

hurling rocks-hard. I figured if they were aliens, I was

going to knock at least one of them out by cracking his

skull with my rock-solid fastball.

Meanwhile, Leo-tai fanned the fire back to life.

“You better help me out here,” I urged him. “They’re

not going away!”

Leo-tai turned from the fire and started throwing

rocks with focused accuracy. Not bad for an old guy, I

thought. Still, we were so outnumbered it was scary, and

the silence of the creatures all around us was very

unnerving. Then, suddenly, we caught a glimpse of

whom we were facing.

A pack of huge, fearless, marauding raccoons! They

were wild, they were mean, and they were coming in-

clearly wanting some food. We fought hard as they

repeatedly charged us and tried to intimidate us into

running. They seem to have absolutely no fear of us at

all. I wondered if they had rabies.

After several minutes of charges and counter

attacks, Leo-tai somehow sensed who the leader of the

pack was. And paying no attention to several closer

raccoons, he caught him right between the eyes with a

rock travelling at the speed of sound. It was the most

accurate shot anyone could have asked for.

Bang! “Who wants some!?” Leo-tai exclaimed. The

leader rocked back, stunned, and then quickly took off

running, with his entire pack behind him.

“Great shot,” I said, breathing hard. “But what was

that all about? Since when do raccoons run around

behaving like that?”

Leo-tai smiled shaking his head. “A very fearless

group they were.”

Then he asked me a question, “Daniel-san, did you

ever think that we weren’t going to win?”

I thought back.

“Not really,” I said. “All I knew was that this was

darn serious, that it was time to fight, and that fighting

was exactly what I was going to do.”

My teacher smiled.

“Very good, Daniel-san. Self-belief. You must

always begin by believing that you have what it takes.

When the pressure is on, the more you believe in

yourself, the better your performance will be. Without

strong self-belief, the Warrior/Champion winds up

nowhere. You have to believe that you can win, then

that self-belief puts you in a position to win.”

“Are you talking about confidence?” I asked.

“Not completely. Confidence is a by-product of

strong self-belief. The more powerful his self-belief, the

more confidence the warrior is able to summons up

when the pressure is on. And the stronger his self-belief,

the better his performance will be.”

“So self-belief brings on a confidence that can

empower us?”

“Indeed. When you really believe that you can win,

Daniel-san, something extremely powerful is set into


So, in order to help build the strongest self-belief

system he can have, a Warrior/Champion learns to use

imagination to see himself in his mind’s eye

accomplishing his most desired success while in a deep

relaxed state of awareness. This is the key to improving

self-belief, the foundation of which lies deep inside the


What Leo-tai meant was that while our self-belief

system is formed over the years by experiences,

memories, and outside influences-anyone can still

refine and build up his own self-belief system by using

the tools of relaxation and imagination. The champion

sees and feels himself succeeding in his mind’s eye,

many times over, long before he actually arrives for the

competition. This is how he improves his self-belief

from inside.

“Teach them, Daniel-san, that the

Warrior/Champion goes within.”

And with that Leo-tai disappeared behind the flaps

of his tent.

Hmmm, I thought. That’s kind of dramatic. What’s

he thinking? He must be very sure that I have no

questions to ask-and that the pack of raccoons aren’t

coming back.

“Hey, does that mean you’re done for the night?” I

asked him.

“Hasta manana,” said the voice from inside the tent.

“I am much older than you my friend-and I’m tired.”

I couldn’t help but asking him just one more

question. “Okay,” I said, “but what if the raccoons come

back again?”

Without hesitation, came the reply, “Why-the

answer is quite clear, Daniel-san. If they attack again . . .

then they shall lose again.”

Remember: It’s self-belief that gets

everything going.


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