Loren Landow

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach/Owner -

Denver Broncos/Landow Performance

Whether in sport or business, we often refer to high

performers as “The One Percent.” People generally associate

this seemingly mythical term with an inborn gift that is either

physical, such as genetic fiber type, or related to cognitive

ability, such as IQ. However, in reality, the concept of the one

percent is truly a mindset 먹튀검증.

Over the course of my coaching career, I have seen

some of the most gifted athletes fail to make the team or

advance their career. They’ve possessed the physical traits, but

have lacked something bigger: an ability to maintain both

vision and the consistent work ethic needed to produce further

growth. I often tell my athletes, “Never sacrifice what you want

most for what you want at the moment.” This is the rule of

discipline, and it is violated often as a result of human nature.

A lack of discipline means choosing enjoyment in the short

term over what truly needs to be done to achieve one’s goal.

This short-lived happiness ironically takes us away from our

main goal, and ultimately results in self-sabotage.

I have observed countless such cases of self-sabotage. It

shows in the athlete who wants to make the team, but stays up

all night playing video games; the athlete who wants to earn a

scholarship to play college football, but cuts class in high

school. It shows in the general population client who wants to

look better in a bathing suit, but goes to happy hour every

These examples are everywhere in our surroundings,

yet most people do not recognize that they are sabotaging

themselves. It is easier to blame others and assume that

someone else is luckier or more naturally gifted than we have

been, that their success owes to uncontrollable factors. But the

truth of the matter is that it merely requires consistency of

vision, effort, and values. Approaching life with the knowledge

that one can be successful with this type of consistent

discipline is a mindset that can make everyone a “one

percenter.” It is not a genetic gift, and it is not luck. It is a

conscious daily decision that influences our thoughts and

behaviors, a choice that we all have to make.

Athlete Huddle

Have you ever noticed yourself engaging in self-sabotage?

Have you ever felt that others have success or

opportunities based on luck?

Coach Huddle

What steps can you take today to avoid “sacrificing

what you want most for what you want at the moment?


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